World Religion Day 2021

Our World has hundreds of nations with thousands of cultures that stretch back into pre-history, and throughout all that time we’ve had countless religions rise to prominence. Whether you’re Hindu, Jewish, Catholic, Shinto, Buddhist, or one of a million other faiths, World Religion Day is your chance to share your culture with others and take […]

1st & TY Art inspired by POP Art

Here are a selection of artworks created during online learning this week. They are responses to the POP Art Movement through the theme of ‘Food’. Well done to all our students for engaging and connecting online.    

5th Year Shaw Religion: Uplifting Our Spirits

Thank you to 5th Year Shaw and Ms. McMahon for these beautiful messages. They have put together a ‘book’ of hope, prayer and uplifting images. ‘Keeping happy and optimistic during lockdown through – Prayer, music, quotes and images’ 5Shaw Religion  

Photography- 2nd Year CSPE and TY Module

Well done on your fabulous photographs. The theme was ‘pets and animals’ and the criteria to help improve your skills were 1: to have Max 3 colours, 2: be close to the animal and 3: to be at their level but also to have freedom to experiment with those guidelines. The results are fantastic. Keep […]

Newsletter Week 11th Jan 2021