Digital Learning

In Loreto High School Beaufort, we aim to place an emphasis on digital teaching and learning in every aspect of the school. Every effort is made to ensure that students appreciate and understand the role of digital technology in their learning and lives.

Students in LHS Beaufort are encouraged to make full use of digital technology to aid their learning experience. Teaching staff ensure that students are comfortable navigating digital platforms by incorporating these into their lessons and learning activities.

The school has numerous modern facilities including two computer rooms which contain fifty desktop computers along with a library which is equipped with four computers, a printer, a photocopier and an iPad trolley. Additionally, Wi-Fi is available throughout the school buildings.

Teaching staff are equipped with a laptop and iPad to enhance the teaching and learning within the classroom. Each student uses an iPad which gives them access to their eBooks as well as the necessary educational applications.

Further recent enhancements to digital facilities include:

  • The installation of Miracast in the following rooms 2,5,14,15,16,17,19,21,22,26,27,28,29, Computer Room 1. (Rooms 24,32 and 33 had Miracast installed in the previous academic year);
  • A new projector, screen, amplifier and speakers have been fitted in the Sports Hall;
  • A new projector, screen, Miracast and sound system were installed in the Auditorium; and
  • The Wi-Fi was upgraded in the Library and Art Corridors of the main school building.

Over the 2021/2022 academic school year, LHS Beaufort aims to ensure all staff are competent and confident in digital technology. This will be carried out through continued CPD in the area of Digital Learning and the use of Wriggle Connect. Along with this, we hope to increase student leadership in Digital learning by appointing Digital Leaders within the first-year classes and by setting up an iPad clinic with the Transition Year students.