Digital Learning

In Loreto High School Beaufort, we aim to place an emphasis on digital teaching and learning in every aspect of the school. Every effort is made to ensure that students appreciate and understand the role of digital technology in their learning and lives.

Students in LHS Beaufort are encouraged to make full use of digital technology to aid their learning experience. Teaching staff ensure that students are comfortable navigating digital platforms by incorporating these into their lessons and learning activities.

The school has numerous modern facilities including two computer rooms, printers, photocopiers and an iPad trolley. Additionally, Wi-Fi is available throughout the school buildings.

Teaching staff are equipped with a laptop and iPad to enhance the teaching and learning within the classroom. Each student uses an iPad which gives them access to their eBooks as well as the necessary educational applications.

Further recent enhancements to digital facilities include:

  • The installation of Miracast in the following rooms.
  • New projectors, screens, amplifiers and speakers have been fitted in the school and sports hall.
  • The Wi-Fi was upgraded to support these new additions.

During the 2021/2022 academic school year, LHS Beaufort ensured all staff are competent and confident in digital technology through continued CPD in Digital Learning. Along with this, Digital Leaders were appointed within the first-year classes. An iPad clinic with Transition Year students was set up and took place on Thursdays at lunchtime.

We are with MicroPro and CompuB as our provider of iPad and technical support.

We are currently engaging with the Digital Strategy for School to 2027, which was released by the DES earlier this academic year. Here is the link to it:
We are also working on a Digital Plan for Loreto High School Beaufort in line with the three pillars of the new strategy.