Music is a very important part of the tradition of Loreto Beaufort.

All junior classes have choir and The Beaufort Choir sings in the Parish Church on a regular basis. They preform annually at the National Concert Hall with the Rathfarnham Concert band. The Beaufort Choir, managed by Ms. Browne, is made up of students from all year groups and also of past pupils. The Beaufort Choir not only gives students an opportunity to develop performance skills and to foster a love of music, but also enables pupils to have a greater sense of community and friendship.

The following article by Helen Beagon gives a lovely insight into The Beaufort Choir:

The School Choir

To the outside world, our school choir may seem like just a bunch of fifty-odd students who happen to enjoy singing at mass and other religious functions. But we are so much more than that. Lurking in the shadows is this seemingly innocuous but actively elite organisation. The Mafia of all school clubs or societies. Surreptitiously we run the school. Practising for all our many concerts, any choir member worth her salt knows the line ‘oh yeah….I was at choir’ – guaranteed to get you off class or just late in general, this line works well in nearly all situations.

Or does it? Missing classes to go to choir practice generally gets disgruntled groans as a response from our classmates, but the reality is we work assiduously and this hard work has paid off tenfold. We have sung at many events during the year. The Annual Teacher’s Mass, the National Concert Hall with the Rathfarnham Concert Band and Ms. Bowe’s wedding are just a few of the highlights. The choir as a whole work diligently behind the scenes, giving up lunchtimes so that all the rest of the school ever see is our polished, finished result. And so I greatly believe that we deserve the many perks that go with being a member of the highly exalted choir, the chocolate at Easter and Christmas, the Pantomime and the occasional absenteeism from class.

The choir to many people, including myself is not something we join just for the craic. The choir has enabled us to make friends with different people from our year and other years. It gives us a greater sense of community and for some lucky 6th Years a chance to visit different countries as we are heading off to Poland this summer. I know that when the time comes it will be the choir and all the great memories I have that I will miss the most. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our teacher and the rest of the girls for making these last 6 years incredibly happy ones.

Helen Beagon