The Senior School was built in 1952 and in 1975 saw the construction of the main building comprising 16 class rooms , the Assembly Hall, 2 laboratories, a Geography Room, reception area , an oratory and a library. The pupil population at this time was 375.

In 1994 the kindergarten and junior school were phased out and the much needed buildings were handed over to Beaufort Secondary. This allowed the school to introduce Transition Year and also accede to the demand for more places in the school.

In 1997 an AstroTurf pitch was built and the recently completed development provided a new Information Technology Centre, Home Economics Room, 2 Conference Rooms and a Sick Bay area.

Teacher-based classrooms were introduced in 2004/2005 with video/DVD equipment and white boards. In 2007/2008 laptop computers were provided for the staff and permanent projectors were installed in the classrooms.

Following further development the campus now comprises:

  • 33 Classrooms
  • Assembly Hall with stage, gymnasium apparatus
  • 4 Science laboratories
  • 2 Art rooms and kiln
  • Teresa Ball Auditorium
  • 1 Needlework room with 27 sewing machines
  • 2 Computer rooms – 50 PC’s, 1 Scanner, printer and 1 Laser colour Printer
  • Library with full-time service of two job-sharing librarians, access to the Internet, 4 computers with printer and photocopier
  • 2 kitchens with 12 work units in each
  • 620 lockers
  • Reception area with full-time receptionist
  • Sick bay with toilet
  • Two Conference rooms
  • Staff room with PCs and a photocopier plus a small staff work room
  • 1 Oratory
  • Supervision / study hall
  • 1 Machine room
  • One full sized AstroTurf pitch and one half sized AstroTurf pitch
  • 10 Offices for Principal and Deputy Principal, Secretary, Year Heads, T.Y. Co-ordinator, Guidance Counsellors, Chaplain, Caretaker and P.E. Instructor
  • Fully equipped Sports Hall and Gym
  • Tennis courts
  • Cafeteria
  • Music Room
  • Sixth Year common room
  • Memorial Garden
  • 2 Resource offices
  • Music Lesson Room
  • Piano practice room
  • Laptop computers for staff which are all networked
  • Permanent projectors installed in classrooms
  • Interactive Boards