Visual Studies


The aim of Art, Craft and Design Education (Visual Studies) of both Junior Cert and Leaving Cert level is to contribute toward the development of all aspects of the individual. Most specifically the aesthetic, creative, critical, cultural, emotional and intellectual thinking of the person, yet also engaging them physically, politically, socially and spiritually through the making of art.


  • To develop a good understanding of all the art elements eg colour, texture, line, shape, pattern etc
  • To develop a good understanding of the design process.
  • To develop new ways of seeing the environment in which we live.
  • To communicate an idea effectively.
  • To develop a logical and methodical way of working through a project.
  • To be able to bring a piece of work from ‘idea’ to realisation.
  • The effective manipulation of materials.
  • To learn how to continually have a critical approach by analysing and evaluating ones own work and the work of others.