Mental Health

Youth mental health and wellbeing are very important to our school and we want our school community to be a place where the mental health and wellbeing of every student is nurtured and valued.

In working towards this, we are engaging in the “One Good School” initiative, a two-year programme facilitated by the charity, Jigsaw, which seeks to support our school community to promote youth mental health. As part of this initiative, we recently we asked you, our parent and guardian community, to participate in a short survey to determine what you feel you need to fully support our students in this area. A clear outcome from this survey was the need to share with you information on the mental health and Care Team resources that are already available in the school, as well as highlighting related initiatives that are underway or are planned for the school year ahead.

Accordingly, we have put this “Mental Health & Wellbeing Resource Guide for Parents & Guardians”. As well as highlighting the available school resources and initiatives, the guide also includes information on some helpful external supports and services that are available to students and/or their families.

We will continue to liaise with you in the months ahead to further develop our shared understanding on how best to support our students in the area of mental health. Furthermore, we have arranged a series of talks during the school year from leading practitioners in this and related areas and will be in touch nearer the time with more details on these sessions.


We hope you find this guide useful. If you have any questions or suggested additions to this booklet, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the One Good School team at the email address below.

Thank you.

The One Good School Team.

One Good School Mental Health and wellbeing resource guide for parents and guardians.