Junior Cycle

The following subjects are offered to first, second and third year pupils:
EnglishPhysical Education
FrenchHome Economics
GermanCivic, Social & Political Education
HistorySocial, Political & Health Education
ArtReligious Education
Business StudiesDrama

Junior Cycle students choose two of the following subjects:

A foreign language (either French, German or Spanish), Music, Home Economics, Art or Business.

They study all of the other subjects in the table above.

First Year classes are un-streamed. In second and third year, Irish and Maths are banded and set according to ability.

New Junior Cycle in Loreto High School Beaufort

The new Junior Cycle is now well embedded in Loreto High School. Since its introduction with one subject, English, in 2014, we now have three subjects; English, Science and Business up to Third Year. All subjects except Religion are now being taught with new subject specifications, methodologies and assessment and Religion will come on stream in September 2019. There is a maximum of 10 subjects allowed in the new curriculum and we have opted to teach 10 subjects. Each pupil receives her Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement during TY, which reports on the Junior Cycle exams results, the classroom based assessments and other areas of learning.

There is a move away from rote learning and a very positive emphasis on active learning and developing key skills that will be useful to pupils into third level and for life.

There is also a new focus on pupil wellbeing, which has always been a focus here in Beaufort and this includes: PE, SPHE, CSPE, Choir/Drama and all the myriad of activities that make school life memorable. This includes form time, talent show, sports day, extra-curricular activities and whole school events.