About Us

Loreto High School Beaufort is a voluntary secondary school under the trusteeship of the Loreto Sisters and run by a Board of Management.

School Mission Statement

We in Beaufort endeavour to provide a caring and supportive community which encourages each student to develop her full spiritual, intellectual, moral, creative,  physical and social potential in an environment which recognises the primacy of social justice.

School Vision and Aims

In Beaufort we aim to make the School an educational community where:

  • the system of teaching and learning is such that each girl feels accepted and encouraged as a unique individual, so that her potential as a person is fully realised,
  • the School environment fosters self-discipline, a sense of responsibility, honesty, respect for others and the environment, and the ability to interact positively with others,
  • the School wishes to create an awareness in the pupil of their European identity by inter-cultural exchanges and by educational trips,
  • an understanding of the Gospel and its implications for action will be an integral part of the education offered,
  • there is an awareness and concern for the disadvantaged and underprivileged at local, national and global level,
  • the Parents’ Association reflects our recognition of the importance of the parents in the effective functioning
    of the School,
  • an Association of Loreto Past Pupils taps into the experience of past pupils.

Beaufort School Prayer

Come Holy Spirit, enlighten our minds,
Give us the fire of your love.
When we are weak, give us strength,
When we are afraid, courage,
When we cannot see the road ahead, be our guide.
Grant us humility when we succeed,
Perseverance when we fail.
Instil in us the Spirit of Mary Ward,
May it live on through us and Loreto students WORLDWIDE.

By Rachel Fenlon 5S – March 2011

School Opening Hours

Classes Start Time
8.40 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Finish Time
3.50 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
1.40 p.m. Wednesday
3.10 p.m.  Friday

1 p.m. – 1.50p.m.

School Location

Loreto High School Beaufort is situated at the foot of the Dublin mountains and is five miles from the city centre. You can find contact details and a map of our location on the Contact Us page.