Career Guidance & Counselling

At present we have 3 Guidance Counsellors, Ms. Fagan, Ms. McDowell and Ms. O’Higgins. Directly related to pastoral care is the work of the Career Guidance Counsellors. A comprehensive programme is available consisting of career classes, individual and group interviews, career talks, study skills seminars, careers evenings, visits to Third Level Institutions, mock interview sessions, aptitude tests and interest-inventories.

Up-to-date computerised information on Third Level courses in Ireland and in other E.U. countries is provided. This helps students choose the university or college course at home or abroad which is most suited to their needs and interests. The assistance of past pupils is invaluable in the running of an annual career evening for senior students.

As well as careers work, the Guidance Counsellors advise students and parents on educational issues, subject choice and study skills. Each Guidance Counsellor also engages in personal counselling on a wide range of issues i.e. settling into secondary school, stress, bereavement, family problems etc. Students also have the support of a class prefect and peer buddy.

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Guidance Policy 2020 LHB