Head Girls’ Welcome

When we think about Loreto Beaufort the first word that comes to our minds is community. Here in our very own ‘Beaufort Bubble,’ we as students are challenged to our full academic potential with continuous support from our teachers and staff, but we are also recognised for our other talents and for being ourselves. In our school we are lucky to have an incredible support system in place to assist students in all areas, be it academic or personal. This includes our peer-buddy system, senior prefects, form teachers, year heads and our wonderful chaplain. As far as extra curricular activities go we are doing pretty well! Students have the opportunity to choose from countless clubs such as debating, choir and green school etc. as well as our very busy and successful sports department including Camogie, athletics, basketball and hockey. Team spirit and friendship can be learned through joining these clubs and societies and are valuable to us not only on the sports field but also in all walks of life.  

As we walk through the corridors of a Beaufort there is an constant positive atmosphere and friendly spirt. The values of Mary Ward are core values here in our school which can be seen and sensed as you walk through the Beaufort gates. Joy, freedom, sincerity, truth and justice. These values can be seen in everyday life here in our school and we are fortunate to be in a learning environment where we are not just appreciated academically but appreciated for the people we are becoming.  

We as Head Girls have been privileged with the task of being the representatives for the student body here in our school. At the end of fifth year we were voted by our year group and members of staff to take on these roles along with the senior prefects and sports captains. As our names were called out we realised that we had been entrusted with the the responsibility that comes with being a Head Girl. We regularly liaise with the school management in regard to the general running of the school from the perspective of the students. We think it is incredibly important that students feel that they can bring forward any issues as they arise to ensure they are getting every benefit possible from school life. As the chairperson and secretaries of the student council it gives us an opportunity to get to know selected representatives of each year group, we feel this helps us greatly in acting as a link between the students and management as we act as leaders and role models to the student body.  

We are aware that we hold an immense privilege everyday as we wear the Loreto crest with pride. We are encouraged to always be aware that there are people less fortunate than us in our community. Through carol singing at Christmas for the Simon Community, hosting an annual SVP Christmas party for children in a local deis school, bake sales for charities and our annual turkey trot for the Peter McVerry Trust, we work together as a family to give back to our community. Our main fundraiser each year is for our sister school in Rumbek, In Beaufort this cause is very close to our hearts, and we are constantly updated on progress by Sr. Kathleen and Sr. Anne from Southern Sudan. We feel the link between ourselves and our sister school Loreto Rumbek is stronger than ever as their improved future is coming close to becoming a reality. 

We as the Head Girls would like to encourage every student to believe in themselves and to never forget that there are always people here in Beaufort to help, including us! If you ever feel like you need a helping hand, never hesitate to come and find us. We believe that’s a healthy and every one of our students are capable of achieving greatness and pursuing their greatest dreams. As Dr Seuss said, ‘the more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’