Head Girls’ Welcome

As the Head Girls of Beaufort, we are the representatives of the student body. Along with the senior prefects and sports captains, we are role models and leaders within our school. As the chairperson, secretary, and treasurer of the student council, we try to ensure that the voice of every student is heard. We are the link between the management and the student body, and we strive to develop our school community in a way that best suits our students. 

We believe our role is to promote school spirit, and to ensure all students feel part of the Beaufort Bubble. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated support system to help us with this, with our wonderful staff and teachers who go above and beyond for us. There is a very strong sense of community here in Beaufort. Whether it be Teacher V Student Quidditch Matches, regular bake sales, concerts from our school band, super competitive Talent Show antics, whole school sports days, and wacky dress up days; it is fair to say that Beaufort invented school spirit! 

We are so fortunate to have access to a rich education here in Beaufort. Whether your passion be sports, academics, or social justice,  Beaufort provides endless opportunities to explore these passions. With our countless sports teams of hockey, camogie, badminton, basketball, swimming, and athletics, all students can better their sporting abilities while learning true team spirit. Our teachers at Beaufort work tirelessly to enable us to reach our full academic potential. With varied learning strategies, extra classes after school, and the opportunity to partake in academic activities inside and outside of school, students are constantly encouraged to strive academically.  Beaufort also boasts a plethora of clubs and committees, which enable students explore a wide range of areas so they can discover where their talents lie. Each year, we host the annual ‘Beaufort Buzz,’ a fun day showcasing our vast range of clubs and societies. From the Chess Club, Orchestra, EYP, Maths Club, Spanish Cinema Club, Book Club, Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA), Current Affairs Club, the Debating Society, the Spanish Debating Committee, An Cumann Díospóireachta, Enterprise Club, to the school choir; Beaufort has it all!

On top of this, we are very aware of the privilege that we hold, and we wear our loreto crest with pride. Beaufort pushes us to engage in the wider community, and help those less fortunate to us. Between Carol singing at Christmas for the Simon Community, handing out ribbons for the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland, holding an annual SVP Christmas Party for a local deis school, holding coffee mornings for the Women’s Refuge, holding an annual Turkey Trot in aid of the Peter Mc Verry Trust, arranging a group of fourth and fifth years to travel to Uganda with the Aidlink Charity, and finally regular fundraising for our sister school in Rumbek, we at Beaufort do our level best to give back to the wider community.  

We are so lucky here in Beaufort to have the opportunity to gain a well-rounded education, to learn and practice values that will stand to us for the rest of our lives, and most importantly to make lifelong friends.