Loreto High School Beaufort has a variety of policies which cover a variety of issues and school rules.

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Please note that our policies are reviewed yearly and updated on a regular basis and any updated policies will be published on this website.

Anti-Bullying Policy ’24

Appendix 1 – Anti-bullying Policy 23 – 24

Loreto High School Beaufort Anti-bullying Policy & Supporting Documents to include (in addition to our Policy / Appendix 1):

  • Practical Tips for Building a Positive School Culture & Climate in our School (Appendix 2)
  • Our Template for Recording Bullying Behaviour (Appendix 3)
  • Checklist for Annual Review of the Anti-bullying Policy and its Implementation (Appendix 4)
  • Notification regarding the Board of Management’s Annual Review of the Anti-bullying Policy