Aidlink & Girl Child Network – Fighting For Equality

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On the 14th of October, the 6th year group and their religion teachers were joined by Anne Cleary and Mercy Musomi for a talk in the auditorium. Anne Cleary is the CEO of aidlink who works closely with Mercy Musomi who is the CEO of Girl Child Network. Together they both work to improve the lives of those living in poverty in the developing world.
During this talk, they gave us a deeper insight into the problems that Kenya are currently facing. They truly empowered us, as women, to fight for a world of greater equality. They emphasised the importance of being a leader from a young age and encouraged us to speak out and fight for issues that we are passionate about, in a world where men hold the majority of power. It was utterly shocking to hear about the lack of access girls in Kenya have to sanitary towels and girls even younger than 10 being married off as their parents could not afford to live in such poverty. This talk left a lasting impression on all of us and it really opened our eyes and motivated us to play our part in bringing about change in the world.

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