3P CSPE Mock Election

As part of their study on the topic of Democracy, 3P CSPE had a mock election on Thursday. The students were all given polling cards and had to check in with our presiding officer at the polling station. Once students had voted they placed their ballot papers in the ballot box. We have a team […]

Survey From The Ombudsman For Children

The Ombudsman for Children would like to hear from all children under the age of 18 and all parents/guardians with children under the age of 18. This survey closes May 7th 2021. Some of our CSPE classes will be engaging with this survey this week. Have Your Say Survey – We want to hear from […]

1st Year Art – A Celebration Of Irish Wildlife – Relief Cardboard Tiles

Well done to 1st year art on finishing their cardboard animal tiles inspired by the fauvists imaginative use of colour.

Summer Exam Timetables 2021: 1st, 2nd and TY

1st & 2nd Year Summer Exam Timetable 2021 Transition Year Summer Exams 2021  

Sustainable Fashion Awareness Day: Friday 30th April – JPIC

The JPIC Group are organising a Sustainable Fashion Awareness Day this Friday, the 30th of April. In order to promote sustainable fashion,  the JPIC group are encouraging students to send in photos of clothes that they have bought from sustainable shops, second hand or even upcycled into something new! They would also like to ask the […]