Congratulations on the win Loreto Beaufort From Dundrum Town Centre

Thank you so much to Dundrum Town Centre and the staff at Jamie Oliver’s for such a lovely afternoon. We won the Easter Egg decorating competition and received our prizes today. This included lunch out for 56 of our art students at Jamie Oliver’s and a voucher for €1500 for the Art Dept. Don Nugent, […]

End Of Year Mass

Thank you to Father Martin and the RE Dept., Ms. Cruise and the choir and all the readers, servers and participants at today’s end of year mass. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Green Committee Report 2019

The Green Committee would like to invite everybody to read our Green Committee Report 2019. Thank you all for all  for your encouragement and engagement. Green Committee 2019

6th Years 2019 Graduate

We had a beautiful mass for our wonderful 6th years yesterday to celebrate their achievements and bless them in their future journey. Thank you so much to Father Martin and the Religion Department. After the evening mass parents, students and staff returned to the school where the Parents Association had transformed the hall into a […]


Thank you to 2Q and Ms Bowe for caring for the U Rock Garden this year. Today they planted a rare dwarf Gingko bush. They researched some very interesting facts about the Gingko which you can see in the pic below. The Gingko is actually a living fossil and originated from Japan and South East […]