Internet Safety Day 11th Feb 2020

3P, 1T and 1P all made posters to raise awareness about Internet Safety Day. Their posters (with tips on how to use apps and social media platforms to communicate and learn in a safer way) are on display throughout the school and on a noticeboard on the computer room corridor. They made them as an […]

Whole School Gather to Celebrate Our Hockey Achievements

We all gathered in the Sports Hall today to celebrate our Hockey achievements. Our sports commentator, Mr. Carolan, hosted an in-depth analyse of the journey our players and coaches have taken over the last number of years. He interviewed our fabulous team and thanked the wide range of individuals that have helped them achieve such […]

New Kit For Hockey Final

Check out the new kit for Leinster Senior Cup Final πŸ†πŸ‘πŸ€Έβ€β™€  

Mary Ward Week 2020

As part of our annual Mary Ward Week celebrations the Student Council visited Mother Teresa Balls grave to pray in gratitude for all that she achieved in her life time. We were fortunate that some Sisters attended our service too.  

Irish Times Cover Beauforts Victory Today: 02/02/2020

Press Coverage from the Irish Times website interviews Hannah Matthews.