All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad – Congratulations Rachel

Congratulations to Rachel (5th Year) who has qualified for the National Finals of the All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad. She came in 16th place out of 1036 students from all over Ireland and has been invited to DCU for the finals in March. She is competing for a place on the Irish Linguistic Olympic team.  Well […]

Calendar 2020

Here is an updated calendar: School Calendar 2019 2020 adjustments highlighted

TYs Don’t Feel The Cold ⛄️ ❄️ 🏑

All Ireland Linguistic Olympiad

Well done to all our 4th & 5th Year students who participated in the first round of the All Ireland Linguistic Olympiad last Thursday. Best of luck with the next stages of the competition.

잘 가 ‘jal ga’, meaning ‘go well’ to our wonderful Korean students

We bid farewell to our Korean students who were with us for five weeks during the first half of term. The girls integrated well into school life in Beaufort and enjoyed their stay. Friendships were formed within their class groups and they have promised to keep in touch.