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Thank you to all who have contributed to the website with updates and posts throughout the years.

They have greatly enriched the content of the site and has made it a more useful communication tool for the whole school to use.

If you would like to post an update on the website send text and images to Ms Bowe –   with ‘For website’ in the subject line.

Images that you would like to have posted on the site will need to be sent at a lower resolution or small size.

Please don’t paste images into a word document instead send them as an attachment using the paperclip icon.

Videos cannot be uploaded to the site as they are too big, however a link to a video that is hosted by another site e.g. youtube, is possible.

Regarding Text

Please type short texts straight into the email rather than having an attachment such as a word document.

With longer texts and newsletters, please send these in a word document or PDF.

Usually just a few lines of text (5) and an image is enough for a news post.

A title or heading for the news post should be indicted too.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

Feel free to call into ArtRoom 2 to ask me for help or advice about sending posts.

Ms. Bowe



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