‘Slow Time With A Butterfly’ – 3rd Year Art Visit Tapestry Exhibition At The Pearse Museum

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Thank you so much to Delma at The Pearse Museum for inviting us to see the current exhibition of woven tapestries. Thank you to the curator of the exhibition Mary Cuthbert for the guided tour of the show. Its a beautiful exhibition that refers to the slow, detailed practice of tapestry weaving. Mary talked about the technique that uses ‘butterflies’ or bobbins of yarn to weave with and how it unravels easily and doesn’t get tangled. The students enjoyed the work so much and found pieces that explored the art elements of colour, pattern, texture, line and tone. Thank you to all involved in this exhibition and congratulations to the Contemporary Tapestry Artists Ireland (CTA). They have come together from studios all over Ireland giving a platform to handwoven fine art tapestry and are raising the profile of this textile medium. Do try to visit the exhibition before it finishes on 5th November. The works are also for sale.

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