Celebrating Beauforts Biodiversity – 5th Year Art Create Mural

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Well done to 5th Year Art on their wonderful Biodiversity Mural. They have worked with street artist Anna Doran to create this mural to highlight the Global Goal 15 – Life On Land. They saw Anna’s work in ‘Love Lane’ Temple Bar and we organised a zoom call with her. The project grew from there. Thank you so much to Anna Doran. She was full of enthusiasm from the beginning. We were all inspired by her uplifting approach to celebrating flora through design and felt that would be a good way to help raise awareness about pollinators and the importance of plants.

We started with exploring the grounds of the school itself by doing a nature walk. Students noted the different types of flora, took photos and did sketches in their notebooks. We discussed the plants we found, ecosystems, composting and soil quality, food systems and insects. TY Horticulture Module had planted potatoes, broccoli, onions, garlic, cornflowers, sweet pea, radish and rocket etc. It was great to be able to highlight this new module that started this year and make this work in the school to promote biodiversity more visible.

Using this research directly from the school grounds we then designed our stencils and cut them out from oiled manila card. Students learnt new skills such as how to use the medium of spray paint effectively. They worked as a team to decide on the best wall to put the work, the overall composition, the colour scheme and also in the creation of the work. They all spray painting it directly onto the wall.

This project has encouraged other classes to embrace this idea too. 2nd Year art are working on their own mural based on biodiversity and TY art have decided to decorate the picnic benches using spray paint and stencils to create floral designs. These benches will be placed in the area where the Horticulture Module have the green house, wild flower grass area and raised beds.

We would like to thank WorldWise Global Schools for the funds and supports that enabled this project.

Ms. Bowe

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