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Huge congratulations to Lily, Ethan and Anna on recieving the fantastic news that they have got a place in NCAD. They gave a wonderful talk about the process of making their portfolio to a packed art room last week. Well done to their teacher Ms. Kearney too.

They had great advice for students that might like to apply to art college and we all really enjoyed their talk. Here is a little article they have written too.

During 5th year we decided to take on the mammoth project of the Art Portfolio, however the real work didn’t start until the following year!

At the beginning of 6th year we started what we didn’t know was going to be the most stressful projects of our lives to date, the Portfolio.

This was a unique experience that tested our ability to balance many things. There was a lot of pressure with time, on top of general school work and 6th year exams but with consistent effort and support from family, friends and the art department, it was finally completed.

A Portfolio is a collection of art work created by individual art students that consists of finished pieces and notebooks that show your exploration of one’s own chosen themes. We spent many hours inside and outside of school time working on our projects. Although this was the most difficult and time consuming project, it was also the most rewarding. The feeling of relief and satisfaction at the end is unmatched, we 100% recommend you create an Art Portfolio even if you are unsure about whether you want to go to Art College or not. Either way, it’s totally worth it!

Number one tip! Start early!!!

Good luck,

Ethan, Lily and Anna

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