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This week in Loreto High School Beaufort it was friendship week. Friendship week ran from the 1st to the 5th of February. The wellbeing committee along with Ms BrowneΒ  worked extremely hard in preparation for this week. They created and stuck up signs all around the school and all the mirrors were decorated with positive quotes and affirmations. On Tuesday, the first house meeting took place in over two years. There was activities going on in the assembly hall , sports hall , the main hockey pitch and the small hockey pitch. Our first activity was in the sports hall. There was a four part quiz with fun games such as Guess the Celebrity, Guess the Teacher by their baby picture, Emoji Game and Riddles. After this section of the meeting was over the rest of Quandra and I headed out to the main hockey pitch where we played a huge house game of four corners. Four corners is an iconic Beaufort multi-sport game which everyone participates in. We then went into a full pitch Gaelic Match with the teams being St Johns V BallyBoden. Other games that were happening were bulldogs, skipping and soccer matches. Overall this house meeting was one that everyone enjoyed including myself. On Wednesday and Thursday, Beaufy bear along with the well-being committee came into our classrooms playing music, getting everyone up dancing and throwing around sweets. Also on Wednesday the first years got treated with the movie β€˜Inside Out’ along with goodie bags. Throughout the past five days, SASS a new event started in Beaufort which means Stop and Start Smiling. This was a game you would play for the last ten minutes of every class to let loose and have fun. Each day had a different game such as Charades and Splat. Friday was unfortunately the last day of friendship week. Friday is a dress up day where the theme for the school is β€˜Inside Out’. Polaris wore yellow to represent Joy, Sahu wear red for Anger, Twilla is green for disgust, Quandra is blue for Sadness and the teachers are purple for Fear. Overall Friendship Week was a major success as everyone had great fun doing all the fun activities and dressing up.Β Β 

By Lauren O’Reilly

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