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We had a wonderful celebratory concert yesterday and wish to thank all involved. Thank you to the fabulous preformers, the camera, sound and streaming team and Ms. Browne. It was a great success.

A letter of thanks from Ms. Kavanagh:

We wish to thank everybody for all the energy, enthusiasm and hard work that went in to making yesterday a stunning success from start to finish.

We know that yesterday’s events were the culmination of many years hard work of our community, but wish to thank in particular staff members who have been working with us on this event for many weeks;

  • Niamh McNally & Helen Cronin for their ongoing hard work and enthusiasm on this and on all our endeavours
  • Megan Conlon for working on all aspects of yesterday too many to mention
  • Kerri Gallagher, Claire McMahon, Chantelle Delahoy, Sinead Walsh – for preparing our students for such a special celebratory mass and for their work in school in preparation for yesterday
  • Marie Sheridan for her work with 2T History projects and artwork and poetry competition
  • Clare Bowe for producing the special commemorative banners, brochures and bookmarks. Thank you to 6th year student, Anna Cali, for allowing us to use her wonderful artwork for these purposes. (and her teacher Emer Kearney).
  • To Kathryn Browne who worked so tirelessly with our brilliant musicians making yesterday so memorable from the moment we opened our gates yesterday
  • To our Sports Department & Emer, Paula and Mary for making the hockey game happen – featuring on page 8 of today’s Irish Times! – and for inviting Hannah Matthews in to us and for organising her special commemorative gift
  • To our admin staff in liaising with our special guests and helping us prepare; Therese, Carol, Ann, Mary
  • To Sharon for preparing such wonderful food for our staff
  • To Siobhan for running our food operations and getting our commemorative staff cakes
  • To Brendan and Floyd for setting up our spaces to seamlessly and for Floyd for creating such beautiful commemorative art for the Loreto Education Centre
  • To Francis for supporting all our work throughout
  • To our panel of pupils present and past and to Father Martin & Peter McVerry.
  • To the representatives from Loreto Trust, the Parents Association and the Board of Management for joining us yesterday to celebrate together.

We would not be more proud of our staff, students, community and our little place in the ever evolving Loreto history.

Here’s to the next 200 years.

Many thanks to everybody.

Have a great weekend.


Aoife Kavanagh


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