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Our school’s annual Trek for Rumbek Fundraiser is set to take place during the week of the 18th to the 22nd of October. Due to current COVID-19 regulations, we are unable to hold an event that accommodates the whole school, so we have decided to split the school into their House Groups (Twilla, Sahu, Quandra, and Polaris). The days are as follows: Twilla on Monday the 18th, Sahu on Tuesday the 19th, Quandra on Wednesday the 20th, and Polaris on Thursday the 21st.


Each House will meet at 7am in the Quad on their designated day. Each house will partake in a Sunrise Walk to Bushy Park, with the help of Senior Prefect and Teacher Stewards. We plan to return to the school for 8 o’clock, where a tasty breakfast awaits. The House with the most amount of students present will be awarded house points.


The Rumbek T-Shirts will be distributed the morning of the walks. Students are entitled to wear this for the rest of the school day following their walk. If you have not preordered a T-Shirt with one of our Senior Prefects, there will be T-Shirts available to buy on the day, costing €7 each.


Sponsorship cards will be distributed for printing via email. All money raised will be sent to our sister school in Rumbek, in South Sudan. It will be used for the betterment and upkeep of educational facilities there. The class that fundraises the most sponsorship money will be awarded a special surprise☺️☺️.

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