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On Thursday May 6th we had the cutting of the ribbon by Ms. Kavanagh to mark the wonderful achievement of TY Art.

They worked so well as a team over the last few weeks to bring the whole space together and finish the mural. The work began at the beginning of the year. They used a Monsteria ‘cheese’ plant as their primary source and created drawings, experimented with different mediums and used photography to design the mural. They cleared the space and painted the dark background which is ‘railings’. Thanks so much to Floyd for helping us.

Then they made stencils and chalked up the designs. At this stage we headed into the second lockdown so the work was paused but on our return to school the students got straight back into working on this project again with vigour. They worked as a team when it came to certain skill sets they had and some students worked on the text while others preferred rendering certain types of foliage.

It really has improved the space immensely. We were conscious of the schools uniform colours and thought the greens would work well with the red curtains already in the hall. We also wanted to portray a sense of grow in terms of nature and humans.

Well done to all involved.


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