Students visit us from our sister school – Loreto Matunda

4th Year Response to Daisy’s Presentation Daisy’s life style is very different to ours.  She attends Loreto Matunda.  She would have to wake up at 4am each morning her classes would begin at 5am. After school every student has to clean the school they all have a partial job to do. They would have some […]

Students Invited to Barbecue and Sports Day

Thank you to all who have sponsored and helped organise the day. Also we really appreciate those who have volunteered to assist on the Day. Make sure you know your Years colour and start getting your outfits ready! Remember it could be cold on the day. We’d like to wish our Deputy Principal – Ms. […]

Oliver – TY Muscial Production

This years TY musical was a fantastic success. Congratulations to all involved on an amazing production of Oliver. Thank you so much to our director, Ms. Hogan, our musical director, Ms. Cruise and Joe our choreographer. We couldn’t have done it without all your direction, patience and dedication. Thank you to the orchestra, back stage […]

Cycle To School Week 26th – 29th April

Green Travel Campaign Call to action – cycle – Stop Climate Change Dear Parents, We are four 2nd year students who have made it to the final of ‘The Power of One, One Good Idea’ competition in Dublin Castle on the 6th of May. We have been campaigning for students to cycle to school, as […]

Fair Trade Shop – SVP

We have set up a Fair Trade Shop as one of the projects for SVP. Our Fair Trade Shop is taking place this week, Mon 20th – 24th April. We set up this shop to promote awareness of Fair Trade products. We will sell a variety of chocolate bars (€1.50) including white, milk and orange […]