Easter Liturgy

Our Easter Liturgy commemorating that momentous Friday afternoon over 2000 years ago when they crucified Jesus was presented to the school community by our fifth years.  It was a powerful and moving ceremony presented and received with great respect and reverence.  It related the events of that day to today and asked questions of us […]

Happy Easter from the Business Dept.

Miss Dawson’s and Miss Taylor’s first year business studies classes ending the week with some games of Kahoot! Happy Easter to all.

3rd year trip to Romeo and Juliet

After a great match in Three Rock, the 3rd years made their way to The Mill theatre, Dundrum to see our studied play. A great time was had by all!

Business Dept Update

Miss Dawson and Miss Taylor’s 1st year business studies classes working hard on their projects in class this morning.

1st Year Business

Ms. Harding’s and Ms O’Sullivan’s 1st year Business classes are working well on their group projects on ‘Household Budgets’ and ‘Financial Life Cycle’. This is very good practice for their Classroom Based Assessments 1 and 2 which are requirements for Junior Certificate over the next two years.