3rd Years enjoy ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in the Mill Theatre

3rd year English trip to ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in the Mill Theatre, Dundrum, went really well today.


1Q Healthy food v unhealthy food day in SPHE class.

Anyoung hee gaseyo (Goodbye) to our Korean Students

Our Korean visitors will be returning home this Friday and we wish them all a safe journey. It was wonderful to have Lara and Kumin in Ms. Bowes’ 2nd Year Art class. Today we had a goodbye party for them. We tried spicy Kimchi! Some of us needed a drink of water after tasting the […]

Wouldn’t it be loverly? Behind the scenes at My Fair Lady Beaufort

Well done to TY art on the progress made with the TY Musical sets. Well done to the programme committee who will send the programme off to print this week. Tickets will go on sale soon. Well done to 1st Year Art who are making the hats for ascot/ball scene. Rehearsals are going really well […]

Deutschmobil visits First and Second Year German Classes

The Deutschmobil arrived in Beaufort on Tuesday, 7th February and Pauline from the Goethe Institute presented some really interesting and exciting lessons to our First and Second Year students. They were taught all about German culture, geography and food with some fun activities. Pauline was really impressed with our girls. They were very interested in […]