Earth Day 2021

Here are some beautiful photographs taken during 3rd Year CSPE class with Ms. Walsh. Students were to capture images that raise awareness about celebrating and protecting our Earth for future generations to come and the concept of stewardship. The photos were taken in the memorial garden and around the school grounds.  

TY Mural – Keep Growing

On Thursday May 6th we had the cutting of the ribbon by Ms. Kavanagh to mark the wonderful achievement of TY Art. They worked so well as a team over the last few weeks to bring the whole space together and finish the mural. The work began at the beginning of the year. They used […]

2nd Year CSPE – Inspirational Quotes

2P and 2T CSPE created an ‘Inspirational Quote’ display outside the library this week. They researched important activists and change makers that have raised awareness about human rights through their use of words. They looked at the speeches made by the activist they were interested in most. They used creative script techniques and rendered their […]

1st Year English – Theatre In The Sun

1st year students displaying their acting skills in the sun! ☀️

3P CSPE Mock Election

As part of their study on the topic of Democracy, 3P CSPE had a mock election on Thursday. The students were all given polling cards and had to check in with our presiding officer at the polling station. Once students had voted they placed their ballot papers in the ballot box. We have a team […]