Student Council

The primary aim of the School Council shall be to foster among the students a sense of responsibility as well as an active involvement in the running of the school. To develop leadership qualities and organisational skills. It shall reflect the ideas and opinions of the students and shall be the official organ through which members of the student body may communicate with the administrative and teaching staffs on matters of general interest to the school.

The council shall strive to encourage a good school spirit of co-operation, understanding and mutual respect between staff and students. It is hoped that the Council will be a reflection of the vitality of the school and that it will provide the school with incentive and inspiration. The council will consist of the Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and up to 5 Senior Prefects and the current class prefects.


Events run by the Student Council include, 1st Year Table Quiz, The Annual Talent Show, Fund Raising and correspondence with our sister school Loreto Matunda in Kenya e.g. Christmas cards for Matunda, Carol singing for Matunda

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Student Council Report 2012/2013

This year the Council had a very productive and innovative year. Our goals were to sustain the work that the council normally carries out while also introducing positive new changes and initiatives to the school community. We began in September by electing new offices such as PRO’s, an attendance officer and school photographer and by welcoming the new First Year reps to the team. Our Council training day took place in late September where new ideas for the year ahead were cultivated and a great deal was learnt by all.

October came and the annual talent show needed to be organized. Each rep collected €2 from all of the students in their class and this money combined to form our budget for the presents and prizes that were to be bought throughout the year. The coordination of the talent displayed fantastic team work and camaraderie. There were very few technical glitches this year and this was down to the hard work put in by the Sixth Year tech team along with some of the council reps. On that October afternoon, we raised €928 for future expenditure.

On the 24th October, Maeve, Kathy and I, along with three of our council members, went to Croke Park to attend the annual gathering of the Loreto Student Councils. This was a fantastic day as we got to mingle with members of other Loreto Councils, while sharing ideas and reminiscing over past experiences. We found that we were actually very organised and ready for the year compared to other councils who hadn’t even elected P.R.Os yet… Go Beaufort! We got ideas for projects during the year. We found this a very worthwhile trip and hope that it will be attended in future years.

Our Fifth Year reps worked in conjunction with the R.E. department during the month of November to establish a remembrance tree. Hundreds of gold leaves were cut out to fit loved ones or friend’s names. The Chaplain brought various religion classes to the tree and each girl was given the opportunity to write down a name and offer up a prayer. This tradition was created to give girls the chance to take time in their day and remember those that they may have lost.

In early December the Council helped out the Senior Prefects with their hugely successful Winter Fair for our sister school Loreto Rumbek. Our reps worked at stalls and sold raffle tickets. It was a great occasion and a lot of money was raised for a very worthy cause.

Immediately after the winter fair, we launched our student council awareness week. The aim of the week was to do as was implied by its name. We wanted to heighten the awareness and strengthen the presence of the council in the school. We ran our Christmas decoration competition as well as having our open council meeting. The open council meeting was a big success as we had loads of students in attendance. They were able to see the layout of a normal meeting and were also offered the opportunity to voice their opinions. There were suggestions made about the school tracksuit, socials with other schools (which were unfortunately rejected by the boss afterwards) and the variety of food available in the school shop.
The Christmas Decoration Competition was a huge success. Students were asked to design decorations from recycled goods or to improve an old decoration with the winner getting pizza for their class. The creative side of the school was on display and the school was brimming with Christmas festivity. The Council bought a real tree that could be used inside for Christmas and then planted in January. The tree was adorned with fabulous decorations from angels made from coke cans to stars made from plastic forks and knives. This was the first time this happened in Beaufort and credit goes to Lynn Collison in 2P for coming up with the idea. We hope that this will become a tradition and the council will run the competition each year.

After taking inspiration from an idea born at the Council training day in October, the Council decided to organize ‘Women’s Rights Week’ from the 2nd-8th of March. The aims of the week were to celebrate the achievements of great women in history, to highlight the on-going struggle of many women worldwide who still can’t exercise the same rights as men and to take action in our local community. Throughout the week, different year groups were given presentations on different topics from various speakers including our own Ms. Donohue, Sr. Noelle our provincial leader, and a speaker from Plan Ireland. Fifth Year Council reps organized peer teaching for the younger years in liaison with the JPIC committee during the week also. The main project of the week was a goods drive for Rathmines Women’s Refuge. All classes were encouraged to donate as many items as possible to the cause, with the class with the most donations winning Easter treats. The drive was incredibly successful; two separate trips by van were needed to transport all of the donations. Two ladies from the refuge spoke to the Council the following week to extend their sincere thanks to the school for its generosity. The final day of the week, Friday the 8th, coincided nicely with International Women’s Day. All students were given special permission to don pink hair accessories and nail varnish to celebrate the day. The school’s resident boy band ‘Taken’ made an appearance in the hall for an intimate gig to join in the celebrations also. The week was a great success and we hope future Council reps will work to make it an annual event.

The Council next began preparations for the school’s annual Spirit Week which took place from the 19th-22nd of March. The aim of the week was to inject a bit of good-spirited silliness into the corridors and to bring the school together in some fun-filled activities. The week kicked off with the Student vs. Staff soccer match, which the fabulously talented Sixth Year players came out of as triumphant victors. The Wednesday and Thursday of the week saw the Junior and Senior Egg Hunts come to life. Many thanks goes to the Senior Prefects who graciously gave of their time to help the Council reps organize these two very successful events. Despite the horrid weather, fun was had by all. To close the week in style, we had our Céilí Mór on the Friday. As always, the week was a great success. It was made all the easier by every student taking part so enthusiastically.

During the Easter break, four of our reps attended the Irish Second Level Students Union’s Annual General Meeting at the Clocktower Building of the Department of Education in Marlborough Street. This was an excellent event at which reps from Councils all around Ireland met and it was addressed by Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn. All feedback from the meeting was positive and as a result the Council put forward their application of membership to the ISSU.

As the year drew to a close, Ms. Dunne and ourselves thought it appropriate to find some way to thank all of the Council reps for their hard work throughout the year, something that often goes unnoticed. We approached the Board of Management to ask if they would be willing to subsidise a pizza party for the council. They generously agreed and the Council was rewarded for its hard work with pizza outside in the rare sunshine.

In relation to the accounts, the Council have ended the year with a positive financial balance. We decided to congratulate Ms Ní Éilí on her new arrival with a little gift and we also gave Ms Byrne a little token to congratulate her on her recent engagement.
The Council are happily donating €60 to Ms. Hiney as she sets off on her journey to help some children in Moldova. We are also giving €60 to each of the Sixth Year students travelling to India. After all expenditure, the council has a positive balance of €100 left for next year’s expenses

It has been a demanding but enjoyable year and the council is immensely proud to say we fulfilled our initial goals and more over the course of the year.

Kathy McGrath and Cara O’Shea.

2012 Student Council Report


2011/2012 has been a busy year for the student council. Many events were held, and this year has been a huge success. Council meetings were held every fortnight on Thursdays during lunchtime.

This year the Student Council put greater emphasis on our Student Council notice board, which features all the council news and all events taking place in the school. A dedicated P.R.O committee, made up of council reps from each year, meet up at lunchtime every Monday to update the notice board and website on school news. This has created greater awareness of the council’s role in school life.

A new school tuck shop was introduced at the start of the year. The council has been instrumental in helping to provide healthy lunches at affordable prices for students, through meetings with the shop staff throughout the year. The school shop was adapted to suit the needs of the pupils.

Once again the annual Beaufort Talent Show 2011 was a fantastic success. There were a lot of strong performances throughout each year, but in the end the 6th years won the overall competition. It was an exciting day for both the students and the teachers and you could tell everyone put a lot of effort into their productions.

The student council decided to hold a fun council lunchtime party for each year group to create awareness about the existence of the school council and its role within the school. Each party had fun activities such as “just a minute quiz”, showing a Glee D.V.D and solving riddles. The parties created a link between the student body and the council.

One of the big tasks this year for the council was the creation of the Beaufort Memorial book. In coordination with the school chaplain, the council ran a campaign to select various images for the contents of the book and its cover. The memorial book remembers any relative or friend of the Beaufort community who has past away since September 2011. This book is held in our school oratory and a series of sympathy cards were also made.

A Student Council awareness week also took place in our school this year. This involved various activities to promote the council and enlighten students on what their work involves.

At the beginning of the week every class group received a booklet from the student council. This booklet contained information on the functions of the student council, the roles within the council and a matching game to test student’s knowledge on the various council officers. Each class also received a survey which asked them for their opinions on the work of the council.

As part of the week there was also a competition open to first, second and third years to design a new school council logo. This will be used on all council documentation in the future, and on our school website.

The main event of Student Council Awareness week was the open council meeting which was held in our new auditorium during lunchtime. It was open for all students and staff members to attend, and gave them a great opportunity to contribute to the work of the council.

On the 4th April 2012 two council representatives attended the Irish Secondary School Students Union Annual General Meeting which was held in the Department of Education. It was an excellent experience and we feel that our individual council has benefited from attending it. The day was packed with speeches form influential people within the Irish education system (including Ruairí Quinn, the Minister of Education who spoke about his plans for the future of Irish secondary schools).We also exchanged some great ideas for different campaigns which other schools had undertaken.

During the day we listened to a presentation form the ISSU about their work and plans for the future. We discussed the future of the Junior Certificate Exam and heard suggestions for its new name. We finished off the day electing the new National Student Executive for the following year having listened to the candidate’s different proposals, We are definite that they will do a great job in the year ahead.

Student councils from all over Ireland were represented on the day, this gave us the opportunity to compare and contrast the Loreto Beaufort Student Council to that of other schools.

The experience was a positive one and we would love the opportunity to attend next years AGM.

The Student Council did a fantastic job of organising Spirit Week 2012. Over the week a large number of fun events were organised. The week started off with a student vs. teachers rounders match, organised for the first time by the 1st year reps. A fun day was had by all, but the end result left a lot to be desired! The teacher’s victory did not go down well. The annual Beaufort treasure hunt was split in two this year with a junior and senior category. Although there were rumours of cheating, a great sense of school spirit was felt by all. Africa day was organised in conjunction with the 5th years to raise funds for three 6th years travelling to South Africa for charity work this summer. The whole school fully embraced African culture with some beautiful costumes and a few stray animals walking about! The final event of the week was a Céilí Mór organised by the 5th and 6th year council reps.  This got the whole school dancing and was a great way to end the week.

Overall this year has been a great success for the student council and we hope to continue this work next year.