Use of Lifts

Policy for use of lifts

The school has one lift, located in the Mary Ward block of the school. This is not for general student or staff use. It may be used by any student/staff member with a disability or any student/staff member with an injury that impairs mobility e.g. broken ankle. They may bring one other person only with them to help with carrying books etc. Any person using the lift, will need access to the key (held by the caretaker) and will be given a copy of that key for as long as they need it.

This lift may also be used for delivery of goods for any part of the upper building e.g. kitchens, library, computer room etc

In case of fire no person should attempt to use the lift and should exit the building, via the nearest emergency exit, as quickly as is possible. Where there is a disabled or injured student, the supervising teacher should accompany this student to the exit.