Policy on Suspension

In the case of suspension the decision may be taken by the day to day management team of the school, i.e. the Principal or in her absence the Deputy Principal.

Any student who continuously breaches school rules or the school’s code of behaviour may warrant suspension outside of school.

Suspension will take up to and including 5 days.

Suspension may be given for the following:

  • Continuous breaches of school rules e.g. repeated bullying, etc
  • Any grave misdemeanor
  • Mitching classes in or out of school
  • Leaving school grounds without permission
  • Smoking or drinking in school uniform or on occasions when the student is on school business
  • Any person using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for the purpose of bullying a fellow student, insulting or defaming a teacher or any other member of staff associated with the school and/or bringing the school into disrepute in any fashion will be immediately suspended.

Intentional damage of school property


The Principal (or in her absence the Deputy Principal) rings the parent(s)/guardian(s) to inform them of the situation and that it is our policy to suspend in such incidences. The parent(s)/guardian(s) informs the pupil of the suspension details. The Principal then sends a letter home to that effect. In very special circumstances the school may accommodate the parents by having an in-house suspension. The pupil may be asked to write an essay reflecting on why they received a suspension.

Re-introduction of the student to the school

  1. Parent(s)/guardian(s) may be requested to attend a meeting in the school
  2. A written intention of good behaviour in the future may be requested
  3. In some instances written agreed conditions signed by both parent(s)/guardian(s) and pupil may also be requested.