Mobile Phones

Policy on Mobile Phones/Electronic Recording Devices

In order to safeguard the pupils and staff from breach of privacy it is school policy that:

  • All types of mobile phones and electronic recording devices must be stored in the pupil’s locker during the school day.
  • A pupil may not keep her phone/electronic recording device on her person or in her schoolbag for the duration of the school day.
  • If a pupil needs to go home for any reason during the school day, she must

arrange to do so through the school office and not independently by mobile  phone. In the event of an emergency, students may use the phone at reception with the permission of the receptionist.


Sanctions for misuse of mobile phones/electronic device:

A pupil, who is found in possession of any type of mobile phone /electronic recording device during the school day will have it confiscated, including the SIM card for a period of two weeks, at which time it may be colleted from the Principal’s office.

The school reserves the right to view the contents of the phone/recording device, in the presence of the pupil, to ensure that it contains no images or information which would compromise any member of the school community. Any photographs taken in the school building, on the grounds or during any school activity, in or outside the school, will be removed before the phone is returned after two weeks



Adopted by the Board of Management Sept 2011