Policy on Expulsion

Expulsion is the ultimate sanction imposed by the school, and is employed by the Board of Management in extreme cases of indiscipline or gross misconduct.

The Principal will decide to recommend to the Board of Management that a student be expelled, only when it is the only course of action available to her for a very serious incident or incidents.

A decision by the Principal to recommend to the Board of Management the expulsion of a student will only occur when the following procedures have been carried out:

1) The school management is satisfied that all other sanctions have been exhausted and/or all other solutions deemed reasonable by the Principal have been explored and found unsatisfactory.

2) When the parents(s)/guardians(s) have been informed of the Principal’s intention to recommend expulsion.

3) When the parents(s)/guardians(s) are provided with a full written description of the allegation(s) against the student and the case being brought to the Board of Management.

A decision made by the Board of Management to expel a student may be appealed under section 29 of the Education Act 1998.

Appeals Procedure

Under Section 28 of the Education Act, 1998:

a) The parent of a student, or in the case of a student who has reached the age of 18 years, the student, may appeal to the Board of Management against a decision of a teacher or other member of staff of a school,

b) Grievances of students, or their parent(s), relating to the students’ school (other than those which may be dealt with under paragraph (a)) or Section 29, shall be heard.

c) Appropriate remedial action shall, where necessary, be taken as a consequence of an appeal or in response to a grievance.

Under Section 29 of the Education Act, 1998, there are three contingencies in which the student (over 18 years) or the parent/guardian may appeal to the Secretary General of the DES, as follows:

1) Where the Board permanently excludes a student from the school.

2) Where a student is suspended for a period of 20 days or more in one school year.

3) Where the school refuses to enroll a student.

Such an appeal may only be made following the conclusion of any appeal procedures provided by the school in accordance with Section 28.