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Loreto High School Beaufort iPad Policy


Loreto High School Beaufort


iPad Acceptable Usage Policy




Loreto High School Beaufort recognises the rapid expansion of modern technology and the growth in both the quality and quantity of applications suitable for school use in line with 21st Century learning. We are committed to developing the use of these new technologies to enhance the educational experience of students and to integrate and broaden the use of ICT as a learning, teaching and communication resource.


An iPad trolley containing 30 iPads is available to all teachers and students. The trolley is stored in the library and can be booked for class periods through our online booking software VSware. There is also a list of useful educational applications (apps) on a notice board in the staff room.


An ICT Co-Ordinator co-ordinates the use of iPads in the school. The main benefits of using iPads being:


  • Mobile devices can engage students with educational content at a more active and independent level.
  • Digital literacy skills are essential for the 21st
  • A mobile device is an investment that leads to better value financially long term.
  • iPads are easy and light to carry.






Student Responsibilities:

  • Arrive to school each day with a fully charged iPad
  • Students will not be allowed to charge their iPads during the school day
  • iPads must be switched off and stored in your school bag during morning break
  • iPads must be switched off and stored in locked lockers during lunchtime
  • iPads are to be used in classrooms and library only unless given permission by a member of staff to do otherwise
  • Keep the iPad with in a protective case and in your locked locker when not in use
  • Do not allow anyone else to use your iPad other than your parents or teachers
  • The iPad screen is made of glass and therefore is subject to cracking and breaking if misused. Never drop nor place heavy objects (books, laptops, etc.) on top of the iPad
  • Only a soft cloth or approved laptop screen cleaning solution is to be used to clean the iPad screen
  • Report any problems, damage or theft immediately to the IT Coordinator, FormTutor, Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal
  • Report any issues and/or interference created by any other students because of iPad possession, use or ownership, immediately
  • Do not subject the iPad to extreme heat or cold (do not store in vehicles)
  • iPads are to be kept in lockers when students are on tours, trips and activities or kept at home if the student is not in school. (Subject to permission from teachers)
  • Before arriving to school and at the start of each class ensure that ALL APPS are closed
  • Only use the app or website the class teacher has asked you to use
  • Usage of any social networking app or site is strictly forbidden during school time
  • Only use the iPad flat over a table, while sitting down
  • Do not remove serial numbers, identification or school labels placed on the iPad
  • Usernames and passwords for eBooks should be retained in the notes app of each pupil’s iPad
  • The use of the camera and microphone feature of the iPad are strictly prohibited, in the interest of safety and protection of students, except when advised to do so for educational purposes by their subject teacher
  • Do not photograph anybody without their permission
  • Do not share any images or movies of people in a public space on the internet unless given permission by teacher
  • If an iPad is left at home or is not charged, the student remains responsible for completing all coursework as if they had use of their iPad
  • Items deleted from the iPad cannot be ‘undeleted’, so backing up your work is very important
  • If an iPad is found unattended, it should be given to a staff member immediately

Parental Responsibility

  • Parents are responsible for purchasing the iPad and ebooks/apps for their daughters
  • Parents and students must keep a record of all passwords and usernames used by students. Teachers and school management may have access to these when necessary.
  • Whilst parents retain ownership and possession of the iPad, they agree to grant to teachers and school Principal and Deputy Principal the right to collect and/or inspect and/or confiscate (for a limited period) the iPad at any time and the right to alter, add, block or delete installed software, apps, hardware, internet access etc
  • Parents need to provide a protective case that will prevent the iPad from breakage
  • Parents should inspect the iPad each evening to ensure that it is in good working order and that it is fully charged for the next school day.
  • Parents should report immediately any damage, interference or issues relating to ownership, possession or use of the iPad to school management
  • If the iPad is lost, stolen or damaged the school must be notified immediately. iPads that are believed to be stolen can be tracked through iCloud
  • It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure appropriate insurance cover is in place
  • Parents should monitor student’s use of iPads when not in school particularly during homework and study times
  • Parents should regularly check the iPad for installed apps to ensure there is no inappropriate apps/material


School Responsibility:

  • To make every effort to ensure the safe and educational use of the iPads
  • Substitution of Equipment – where defective a spare iPad may be replaced for use while student’s iPad is repaired or replaced. This Policy remains in effect for the substitute iPad. If a student damages. Forgets to bring this replacement iPad to school, or comes to school with it uncharged, a second substitute will not be provided.
  • To assist students to resolve any technical or other issues
  • To enforce this policy, the Internet AUP, the Positive Behaviour Code and all School Rules
  • To provide a locker for safe storage for all students who use an iPad
  • School will make every effort to resolve any reported issues relating to ownership, possession or use of the iPad



Personal Health & Safety:

  • Avoid extended use of the iPad while resting on your lap. The bottom of the iPad can generate significant heat.
  • Take frequent breaks when using the iPad for long periods of time
  • Do not provide your personal information to anyone over the internet
  • Do not share your passwords with anyone
  • Keep the iPad in a secure location when it is not at school


Customisation of Equipment

  • Students may be permitted to personalise their iPads and install/software subject to the oversight of the ICT Co-ordinator, the ICT Team and the Principal or Deputy Principal. The school retains the right to inspect hardware or block software/apps. All apps/software must be in accordance with the school’s AUP policy and good taste. Any breach of this rule will attract penalties under the Code of Behaviour and School Rules. School management is the final arbiter of what is appropriate in the circumstances.
  • In the event of a breach of policy, the school reserves the right to ban the student from having the iPad in school and the parents will be required to provide the students with regular textbooks at their own expense. In the event of any disciplinary action, the completion of all classwork remains the responsibility of the pupil.






Misuse of iPad or Breach of Policies:


Students who breach this policy and/or the Internet AUP and/or any reasonable standards of use of the iPad will be subject to sanction.



I have read, understood and agree to abide by the terms of the foregoing iPad Acceptable Use Policy. I understand that my iPad is an educational tool and must only be used in a manner that is in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy and Code of Behaviour of Loreto High School Beaufort. Should I in any way misuse the privilege of having an iPad I understand and agree that my access privilege may be restricted and/or removed and school rules will apply.


Student’s Name (Print clearly)……………………………………………………………………..

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Parent/Guardian Signature:…………………………………………………………………………..



Signed: ____________________________         Date: ____________


Chairperson of Board of Mangement


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Parents’ /Guardians’ Agreement:

We have read and understood the Loreto High School Beaufort’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and hereby agree to the terms of this policy and the AUP and grant to the school authorities the right to inspect and monitor our daughter’s/son’s iPad and its Apps/programmes and in exceptional circumstances to confiscate it for a limited period because of abuse and/or misuse by our daughter/son or any other person or students. We hereby agree and give permission to the school authorities to delete inappropriate material from our daughter’s/son’s iPad and to prevent/block the installation of certain apps and/or to restrict/limit the students’ use.

We agree to be bound by the terms of this Policy, the school’s AUP and the School’s Code of Behaviour as they apply to ownership, possession and use of the iPad and its installed apps.

Name of Parent/Guardian: _______________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian: ____________________

Date: ________________________

Name of Student: __________________

Signature of Student: ___________________

Date: ___________________

Ratified by the Board of

Management on ___________________(date)