Pastoral Care

The care of each student, in all aspects of her well-being and development, is a central tenet in the philosophy of Beaufort. Our pastoral structure revolves around all the teaching staff and The Form Teacher, The Year head, The Guidance Counsellor, The School Chaplain and access to NEPS Psychologists.

A Year Head is assigned to each year group and a Form Teacher to each class group. The Form Teacher ensures that the welfare of every pupil and her progress in studies are looked after.

Spiritual Development and Social Awareness

As a Catholic school within the Loreto tradition, an essential part of what Beaufort offers is the development of an intelligent, reflective and committed religious faith. To provide support and guidance a Chaplain is available. There are regular liturgical celebrations in the course of the year, with opportunities for Mass, Reconciliation and other prayer – experiences. A Retreat programme is organised to help our students develop a richer understanding and practice of their faith. Various fund-raising ventures are undertaken for charities associated with the school, for particular needs in Ireland and the Third World.

Care Team

The Guidance Counsellors and Chaplain meet regularly to ensure that the needs of different students are meet. They have regular contact with the Year Heads, Form teachers, class teachers and management team to discuss and update on individual students and issues that effect a class or year group.

Peer Buddies

Peer Buddies

Peer Buddies

To support first year students with the transition from Primary to Secondary school, we have introduced a system of peer buddies. It is well documented the students feel more at ease to ask advice and questions of older pupils. We carefully select a group of 26 5th year pupils and each of these has a group of four 1st years pupils to encourage with and help.

The peer buddies get a day’s training at the start of the academic year and regular meetings are set up for them and their first years. They often organise fun events, especially towards the end of the year.