Message from our Head Girls

Loreto High School Beaufort is a nurturing and tight-knit community, where every student is encouraged to reach their full potential in academic, personal and spiritual development. In Beaufort, the positive atmosphere is created by incredible support of the staff who ensure that each individual student is heard and aided in the manner best suited to them.  

We, as the Head Girl and Deputy Head Girls endeavour to represent our year and student body within the school community. Here in Beaufort, we are incredibly fortunate to attend a school where student involvement is welcomed and encouraged. We work hand-in-hand with the student council, senior prefects and sports captains to ensure that student opinion is continuously represented. 

Having spent the past six years in this school, we are proud to say that Beaufort has provided us as students with an unrivalled sense of community. We have gained many invaluable lessons and experiences that we will carry with us through life, and a sense of belonging we couldn’t have imagined experiencing upon starting in secondary school. 

In Beaufort, the positive atmosphere and friendly environment means girls can explore all kinds of extra-curricular activities. Whether your passion is sport, debating, academics, art, music or social justice, you will be given endless opportunities to further develop and nurture these interests and the things important to you. We are so lucky to be in a school that makes all ofthese extra-curricular activities available in a way that is not only rewarding, but also so much fun, allowing us to make friends both inside and outside of the classroom. The friends the three of us have made in this school, we know, will be our friends for life.  

Social Justice is intrinsically linked to our school community here at Beaufort and a global view of education is encouraged. Every year, the sixth years lead the school in a fundraiser for our closely connected sister school, Loreto Rumbek. This year, we held a scavenger hunt themed sponsored walk, “Rally for Rumbek”, which was a huge success raising over € 7700. We as Irish Loreto girls, feel very privileged that we have a right to education and are very passionate that this should not be an exclusive privilege, but rather, a basic human right to be upheld all over the world.  

We are extremely proud of the spirit and community in our school. Our newly adopted house system, that we are really working on implementing in all aspects of the school community, will hopefully serve to further this school spirit and become a key part of Beaufort life. These six years have been a pleasure not only because of the education available here, but because of the people; students and staff alike, that make it so special. We feel very humbled to fill a role like this in such a wonderful school and can honestly say that leaving here will be a bittersweet step as we embark on the next chapter of our journey through life.  

It is often said in this school “Once a Loreto girl, always a Loreto girl” and we know, as clichéd as it sounds, that in our case this is true. We will always regard our days here at Beaufort as some of our best, and hope that all the girls here in Beaufort will too. 

From your friends,

Kate, Anna-Karolina and Sarah.