How to use Parental Controls on iPads for Internet Home Use:

Why do we need to do this?

We have ensured with Wriggle that all students can only access certain apps. So if your daughter downloads an app that we don’t want her to use, we will be alerted in the school, and we follow AUP procedure. It is quite difficult for your daughter to do this so it’s not something that happens often.

We also use Wifi in the school that blocks websites that we feel have no educational value or may have content that is inappropriate. However, the wifi that you use at home probably does not have this type of censorship and students may have access to websites that are inappropriate for their age group or even illegal. We would strongly advise all parents to set up the following restriction controls on their daughter’s iPads. It doesn’t restrict access to the websites but it will give you the option of checking their internet search history. At the moment, if you have not applied the restrictions, your daughter is able to clear her search history. The following link will bring you through the steps you need to take in order to set these controls up.




As you are aware, we have introduced the use of Ipads with our pupils. Mobile devices encourage creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking in our students as we prepare them to live and work in a modern society. They also increase student engagement and of course the added benefit of the reduced weight of the schoolbag is a huge bonus to students. There was a presentation about the advantages, practicalities and cost by an educational IT support agency ‘Wriggle’ at our meeting last January All Ipads for school use must be purchased through Wriggle. There will be no ‘bring your own device’ option on the online store going forward.

To all incoming First Year Parents, the Wriggle Online Store is opening on Friday 13th April  until Friday 11th May 2018. Your daughter’s iPad will be deployed in the school on 21st & 22nd June. To ensure deployment on this date you need to place your order by Friday 11th May. A late fee will be applied to any orders placed after the deadline.
Please note Home Economics students and Music students will need to tick both boxes in the Optional Curriculum resources section as you will need both resources.

To place order visit

www.wriggle.ie   – ORDER ONLINE  and follow the steps on screen

You can call 01 5009060 if you have any issues.

Key Dates and Important Information.

Online store opens: 13th April 2018

Online store closes: 11th May 2018

Access Code:  70898756

Deployment Day: 21st & 22nd June  (you will be notified of the date and time your daughter will attend nearer the date)

All orders placed after the store closes are subject to a €50 late fee.