Loreto Beaufort’s BT Young Scientists 2021

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

The BT Young scientist & technology exhibition will go ahead virtually this year and we are delighted to have two of our fourth-year students, Aoibhinn Roche and Hannah Bolger competing in this year’s competition. The girls have combined technology, app programming and mental health in their project entitled “Boost your mood”. Information on their entry and a video explaining their project and App. can be found in the virtual exhibition hall in the intermediate group technology section of the competition.  

All students and the public can access the virtual exhibition , free of charge, and view the qualified projects exhibitors stands, education events and special acts online from their home. 

The unforeseen closure of our school gives all students an opportunity to access the science fair and to support Aoibhinn and Hannah this week as part of this Iconic National competition. The choice is immense, the content inspiring, educational and everything is free of charge.

We are very proud of all the hard work and dedication put into the project by Aoibhinn and Hannah and we wish them all the best as their virtual judging interviews begin on Wednesday morning.

Kind regards,

The Science Dept.

There is fantastic schedule of events for Wednesday 6th – Friday 8th January 2021 and it is available on. https://portal.btyoungscientist.com/events/


You may be required to register individually to gain access. https://btyoungscientist.com/