Let’s Walk Together – Loreto (Camino Update)

A message from Adam below. Adam is creating all the teams and managing the app. for all the Loreto schools taking part. A really big thank you to him. He is amazing to have set us all up.

“You are all doing amazing. We have over 2000 active participants and we’ve collectively walked over 18,000kms in just four days.”

If you have to still download the app here is the website link.


Do download the app ASAP. Go to the App Store to download the app called my virtual mission. You will have a team and can upload your km walked in the ‘progress’ section. Once your into your account you will see the ‘me and my mission’. That is where you will go to see our Loreto Schools Camino De Santiago mission. Tap ‘Current’ to load it fully.

I’ve loaded up a pic of my dog on our walk today. Feel free to load up pics of the landscape or pets you have with you on your walks. You have to load up your km yourself into ‘progress’ so use pedometers or the health app already on your phone to check your steps daily.

A big thank you to the 7 TY students who created the wonderful display for the walk. #upthefort #loretocaminochallenge