Whole School Assembly 2020

Our whole school assembly was held today over 17 pages on zoom. It was a wonderful way to come together at this time. Thank you to our Chaplain and the RE Dept for organising this beautiful ceremony.

Ms. Donohue, our Chaplain, opened the ceremony in prayer. Thank you to our readers Jennifer, Eve, Aisling and Heather. Fiona O’Regan composed and read a beautiful poem for the occasion. We had beautiful music preformed by our students including ‘Bridge over troubled water’ and the choir sang ‘Lean on me’. Thank you to Ms. Browne and all the performers for “raising up the roof beams with our song”.

The gratitude video made by Eve Conlon and the Year Head messages were lovely surprises.

Well done to our Head Girls who spoke about the challenges we have overcome this year. It is very true that Beaufort students have shown their Beaufort spirit and achieved so much. They portrayed a very important message that you don’t always have to be ‘the best’, it’s more about enjoyment and happiness. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and we should be grateful to be who we are. They thanked the “incredible staff” for all their help and especially their dedicated online teaching at this time.

Mr. Carolan thanked the outgoing prefects and sports captains. Thank you to them for their support throughout the year. They did an excellent job.

The much anticipated announcements of our new Head Girls, sports captains and prefects got a great response with lots of clapping 👏 and cheering. Well done to you all. We hope you enjoy your new roles next year. Well done to Katie Foran, Anna Budds and Georgia McDonnell. We are delighted for you.

Ms. Kavanagh spoke about the main theme and message of today’s ceremony ‘Gratitude’. We hope we can all give thanks for our ‘being’ in this world, our family, our friends, our many freedoms and our infinite possibilities. We all hope that we can take time to rethink and recalibrate what is important in our lives. We have a chance to renew our sense of gratitude and give thanks for things we may have previously taken for granted. She thanked our whole community including our fabulous Mr. Carolan, the Loreto Educational Trust and our wonderful office, library and caretaker staff.

If you do get to paint a stone with a gratitude message do send a photo to Ms. Donohue.