Our Contingency Plan:

The contingency plan includes the following:

  • All students have been asked to take home all relevant books, notes & materials in order to continue their studies.
  • Students have been asked to ensure that they have access to Office365 and that their passwords are correct.
  • In addition to teachers having outlined the direction of this term’s work and sharing additional materials pre-emptively, the range of supports that teachers will be offering include online classes using Mircosoft teams, emailing assignments and directing students in their learning.


Students should:

  • Have their materials and devices to enable continuity of work
  • Check their emails each morning and at intervals throughout the day
  • Virtually attend any online classes scheduled
  • Be able to send work when requested

We expect that students behave in an appropriate and responsible manner when online.

This includes how they present themselves and communicate online. Unless a teacher instructs otherwise, we do not permit students to record lessons or teachers and we trust students in this regard.


Communicating with Parents & Guardians:

As a school, we will be in regular contact via;

Flexibuzz (free app / download)

Text Message

And email.

We recommend that you ensure access to the free app Flexibuzz (by using the password that the students will have been given) as it enables us to remain in regular contact with ease.


We very much hope that all our community stays well and that we are enabled to support each other in any way we can during this unprecedented time.


We have very much appreciated your support and understanding throughout this time and will remain in touch. We keep members of our local, national and global community who may be suffering in our thoughts and prayers.


Best wishes,

Aoife Kavanagh