Willkommen to our 14  German  Exchange students who are in Dublin for two weeks and attending classes here in Beaufort. They are participating in an exchange with the Transition year German students. The girls come from Rupert Ness Gymnasium which is located in Wangen im Allgau in the south of Germany. This is Beaufort’s 10th year participating in an exchange with Rupert Ness Gymnasium. In July the Beaufort girls will visit their exchange partners in Germany.
The German students cooked an Irish breakfast in the Home Economics kitchen under the guidance of Ms Gonoud. Throughout the rest of the week they will experience a wide variety of Irish culture, including participating in Ceili dancing and a Gaelic football session.
From The German Students About The Pearse Museum
On 13/02/2020 the German exchange students ad their Irish partners visited the Pearse Museum in Dublin.
It was very interesting to learn about Patrick Henry Pearse’s life because he was a republican political activist and revolutionary but also a teacher and a writer. The park around the museum was nice with its old trees and fountain.