Bin Free Corridors – A Positive Climate Action

As you all know, we in Beaufort have made the brave step to reduce our waste by removing bins from the corridors. This initiative began this morning. We hope this will enable us all to stop and think about waste and consider ways to improve our waste habits.
Black bins and compost bins will be available in the hall and canteen at lunch times. We suggest that students use a lunch box to store their rubbish or leftovers at little break. But mostly we would ask students to consider bringing in lunch etc that requires as little packaging as possible.
It is Green Week next week and the Green Committee will be available to help students with creative tips on how best to reduce their waste on a day to day basis with practical options for alternatives.
This initiative will of course have some teething issues so all students are welcome to attend Green Committee meetings if you need some suggestions.
In the meantime check out our zero waste lunch poster and follow these instructions:
Refuse what you do not need
Reduce what you do need
Reuse what you consume
Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce or reuse
And rot ( compost) the rest