Wellbeing Friendship Week – 25th-29th November 2019

The theme of this year’s Wellbeing Friendship Week is positive connections #LHSconnected.

Our message is that positive connections help create a happy and enjoyable school environment.

Activities focus on inclusion, respect, belonging, building positive relationships and responsible communication.

There is a packed timetable of events. Today 1st years will enjoy a Friendship bracelet workshop in R31 at lunchtime.

Episodes of Friends will be shown in the hall during lunchtime on Friday. Everyday to promote cultural connections – A quote relating to friendship and happiness will be read out over the intercom in a variety of different languages (Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi, Italian & Gaeilge) to highlight our students’ connections to different languages and cultures. Library books will be purchased in the languages that many of our bilingual students speak at home. Members of the TY Wellbeing Committee will peer teach 1st – 3rd years on the themes of inclusion and cyberbullying. All resources come from Webwise.ie.

Team Beaufort – The ‘Happiness Squad’ will be out and about all week spreading happiness and building school spirit. So get ready for a few nice surprises! Throughout the week there are prizes and house points to be won.

We will continue our promotion of wellbeing throughout the year and have an guest speaker for our Senior students planned for December on ‘A balanced lifestyle’ – by Nutritionist Paula Duggan. She will speak to our Senior Cycle students about how to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle while studying for the Leaving Cert exam.

We hope you enjoy all the activities and events on offer and we want to say a big thank you to our wellbeing coordinator Ms Murphy and her wellbeing team and workshop leaders.