Lourdes Day 4

Great lie-in today for us (7:30) starting the day right by heading to a service or reconciliation in St.Bernadettes Church with the pilgrims. After the service we went to the Accueil with the pilgrims where they said their confessions to the priests. After lunch, the sun was shining and we brought the pilgrims to the mass of the anointing of the sick which was a special ceremony for them. We all gathered outside together once the mass was finished for a nice cup of tea with some biscuits to enjoy the nice weather and spend some quality time with our pilgrims (a.k.a our new best friends).  

While the pilgrims were having dinner, we had a big past pupils of Loreto Beaufort reunion to share our experiences with each other from the 2019 pilgrimage. 

We returned to the Acceuil to relax with the pilgrims and enjoy the Torch light procession on the roof and celebrate the amazing day we had.

We finished the day by going to a hotel with the rest of the blue shirts for a singalong together, as well as the white shirts. It was a truly incredible day full of enjoyment and happiness. We can’t wait to go again tomorrow morning for our last day in Lourdes!