Beaufort Wellbeing – Exam and study advice

As part of the Beaufort Wellbeing initiative we are asking all students to look after their wellbeing during exam time. Please read through the exam advice guide for your year group. There is one for 1st & 2nd Year and one for 3rd to 6th Year. We would encourage you to discuss them with your friends, family, parents and guardians.

Further tips and exam advice can be found on the new Wellbeing noticeboard by the auditorium. A special thanks to all the Beaufort staff and 5th Year students who provided lots of interesting and practical exam advice and tips. Don’t forget to check it out. 

Best of luck in the exams and have a wonderful summer!

LHS Wellbeing – Study Guide for 1st and 2nd Years

LHS Wellbeing – Exam Advice 3rd Year – 6th Year