Beaufort students to take part in the first Performance Art piece in the National Gallery of Ireland

On the centenary of the parliamentary vote for women in Ireland, and the election of Constance Markievicz as the first woman to the Parliament of the United Kingdom, artist Amanda Coogan was invited to create a new artwork at the National Gallery of Ireland.

We are delighted to take part in the first ever performance art piece held at the National Gallery of Ireland. An exhibition about Countess Markievicz opened during the week. Coogan has been commissioned to create a new work in response to this exhibition.

Floats in the Aether is an ambitious, large-scale performance comprising a series of events involving over 100 women and girls of different backgrounds and social contexts. In each event, Coogan will lead a silent, slow-moving, choreographed procession through the historic rooms of the National Gallery.

Each participant will wear a simple cream jacket with gold, purple, orange and green painted details to reflect the colours of the Irish suffrage movement. Coogan believes ‘this performance puts groups of women together in the spirit of community, togetherness, witness and expectation to remember and celebrate the work of the Irish suffragettes and Markievicz’s historic breech of the glass ceiling.’

This project is presented in collaboration with the exhibition Markievicz: Portraits and Propaganda, now on display in Room 31.

There will be a group of 20 students comprising of representatives from 2nd to 6th year who will be preforming at 2:30pm this Saturday 10th November at the National Gallery, Merrion Square. Please come along if you would like to see the work. Each performance will last about 40 minutes.

Coogan will be giving a talk to all 5th and 6th year Art students and a workshop will be held for the performers in Ms. Bowes Art Room 2.

Clare Bowe


Art Department