Let‘s keep talking about the Trees…..

Good green news. Martina and her team from St Enda‘s are on their way on Monday to help us identify our favourite trees. Can all Green Committee members let Ms Cagney know if you would like to be involved? (Monday at 12.20) You have been so enthusiastic and we are loving all your photos, descriptions and particulary your clever names . 🌳🌲🌴☘️🍁 The trees are happy too because they are getting lots of love. We‘ve extended the deadline till tomorrow week (Friday 19th October)for you to enter your favourite tree. Watch this space – there will be some trees campaigning for your votes 🗳. Official elections will take place during Green Week in November 🌿 We would strongly recommend watching the TG4 program ‚Crainn na hÉireann‘ or a beautiful film called ‚The Silver Branch‘ if you get a chance .

Crainn na hÉireann