Lourdes Day 5

This is our last full day in Lourdes.  It’s been an emotional rollercoaster.  We have met so many wonderful people and made so many great friends here. It’s been a privilege and a blessing to have served here.  We have seen so many pilgrims here who are ill but who have great faith and are so filled with joy to be here.  We had a great farewell party with them and they sang and danced with us and gave us little pins as mementoes.  We sang at prairie tonight and gave thanks for all that we received this week.  At our farewell mass today the Archbishop told us that we were awesome young people and that other priests and bishops come up to him in the street and ask him how he gets so many young people volunteering here in Lourdes.  He tells them it’s all down to the schools and teachers and that we are to go back to our principals and thank them for allowing us take time out to come here and affording us this opportunity to volunteer.  So thank you Ms. O’Donoghue and Mr. Carolan for believing that this is worthwhile.  We also heard that it was our chaplain, Ms Donohue, who started this tradition in Beaufort and as a result the Beaufort community in Lourdes is expanding.  Thanks  Chappo!  Early flight tomorrow, 7am, but we’re still on duty in Dublin as we have to wait for the pilgrim flights to arrive and help them disembark.  See you all Thursday.
Anna K, Grace, Sophie, Hazel, Elaine and Mrs. O’Reilly