Bin Changes

In order to improve our waste disposal issues in the school we have made some changes to see will things improve.

From this week for a trial period green bins will be covered to discourage the contamination of our recycling bins.

The general bins will be open.

Compost bins are available around the school too.

We feel this is a better option all round as we will have more time to think before we dispose of our waste. We are fortunate to have all these disposal resources in our school and a big thanks to Brendan, Floyd and all our cleaning teams for making everything so available to us and easy to use.

Maybe it’s also a good time to think about cutting down on our waste. If you’re still confused about what goes into the recycling bin you could watch the short video on this website or you could ask any of our Green Committee experts. We’re everywhere, but always in Ms Cagney’s room at lunch time on a Tuesday.

Well done to all our Green Committee members who presented to all classes before the Easter break. They visited all classes to discuss the new recycling guidelines and how best to dispose of our waste.