Stop Food Waste Challenge – We’ve started

Our Green Committee began their Food Waste Challenge during our weekly meeting on Tuesday. Craig from the EPA is helping us out again with training. We learned a lot about Food Waste around the world and in Ireland.

Why should we bother doing this program?

Firstly, food waste  is costing us a lot of money. We waste a 1/4 of the food we buy and this is costing Irish households between 400 and 1000 euro a year. A lot of this food waste could be avoided by making some small changes. Secondly each home throws out on average 80kg of food waste a year – this is the same weight as a grown man. Most of this food waste ends up going to landfills where it rots and causes all sorts of problems for the local environment. While the environmental costs of food waste for Ireland are huge, when you think about the whole food cycle globally, they become absolutely massive. If food waste were a country it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases globally after America and China.

What’s next?

So this course is a four week course. We discussed all the facts and Craig gave us some homework. We have a survey to fill out that really makes us think about our food planning habits. And we have to weigh all our our food waste for the week and report what we threw out, where it went and why we threw it out. We’ll keep you posted about the results.

If anybody is interested in doing the course but just can’t attend on a Tuesday at lunch time you could have a look at this website: